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Now a days every one is looking for a robust social networking script. Because people want to build a social network and connect people to there business or may be just for fun. But when we search for a good good social networking script we really don't find any. If we find a free social networking script we later discover that it is full of bugs and every one is not that technically sound that he can fix it on his own. And when they try to contact the person who created that social networking script. There is no response form that person.

So here i have decided to start building a social networking script which is easy to use and bug free. And in case you try to contact me for any issue there will surely be a response within 24 hours.

I am keeping the price of this social networking script damn low so that any one can buy it. So if you need this social networking script just go for it. If you dont need it just buy it and gift it or may be keep it for later use. By doing this you will help this poor guy and appreciate his hard work. And i promise i will keep adding new features to this script .

So check the demo of this this script and go for it now.

Demo Download

Demo of some other scripts

This Social chat script works on any shared hosting. You dont need costly dedicated server for this.

Demo Download

This Socio-rent script is very useful to build network of landlords, tenants and Agents and generate revenue with advertisment.

Demo Download